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What Kind of Relationship do you have between MKTO & SFDC?

Question asked by Malik Zafar on Oct 31, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by Hilary German

I'm trying to get some input on MKTO/SFDC relationship, specifically from a sync perspective.


There are a couple ways I know that Marketo and SFDC can work together


1) 1:1 sync

  • Every Marketo program syncs to its own SFDC campaign


2) Multiple Marketo Programs syncing to 1 SFDC campaign

  • use the "sync to SFDC" flow step in Marketo programs to push records to one master SFDC campaign
  • using values such as source and medium to determine which channel they came from


3) Hybrid Approach

  •   Having One Master MKTO program that syncs to One Master SFDC campaign, but having multiple programs in MKTO that are capturing records 
  • You would use these multiple programs and push them to a master MKTO program, which would already be synced to SFDC



Are there any other approaches I am missing?


And I know everyone's use case is different, but which approach is the most scalable and favorable for reporting?


Thanks you.