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Suppressing members of nurture from other email sends

Question asked by Angharad Kearle on Nov 1, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by Angharad Kearle

I'm hoping I can explain this in a way that isn't too confusing.....I've built a nurture stream but I'm running into an issue with other email comms. I want to prevent the members of the nurture program from receiving all other Marketo emails, until they have reached the end of the stream/exhausted all content. 


When they have finished the stream they qualify for, they should be able to receive other program emails. Essentially they will be ring-fenced while they are receiving emails in the nurture program. 


As the nurture will add people when they qualify, people will be at different stages. So I can't add a filter on the smartlist for other email sends to remove members the nurture program. 


Is there a way to suppress members of a nurture from receiving other emails, just until they have finished the stream they are in?