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    Responsive Course

      Does anyone know of a course on how to create responsive landing page templates in Marketo - whether it is within Marketo or an external company?

      I'd love to know how people create editable responsive templates or starter pages, tactics, and best practices.
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          Easiest way to get responsive pages is using the "templates.marketo.com" and working with your graphic designer. All of these templates are a great jump off point, and easy to use. They are all responsive and ready for Marketo which makes your life a lot easier!
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            If you like coding or just curious how the best responsive content is written, I would enthusiastically suggest the original and still the best source: Ethan Marcotte.

            He coined that term in an article published in 2010.

            Ethan's website features valuable articles and links to his book, available in paper and electronic editions (responsive ones!)

            Most templates available from marketo are based in Ink framework. That is a good resource once you learn the foundations of responsive design.
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              Lynda Straffin
              I don't see any responsive landing page templates here: http://templates.marketo.com/category/landing-page/
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                Pierce Ujjainwalla

                Great news. You don't have to take a course to make responsive templates.

                All you need to do is go to knak.io. Knak is a tool built for Marketers, where you can make your own responsive Marketo templates, in less than 5 minutes... no coding required.

                Then you take those templates, and throw them into Marketo, and you can edit them in Marketo using the WYSIWYG editor. Again, never needing to worry about the code.

                End result, you have beautiful email and landing page templates that look great, regardless of the client or device, and the peace of mind to know that we have tested everything using Litmus.

                Build your first template for free at knak.io