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Webex-Marketo Integration Error: Incorrect user or password

Question asked by Matjaž Jaušovec on Oct 30, 2019
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we are trying to integrate Cisco Webex with the Marketo through the built-in LaunchPoint service. The process should be pretty straightforward, however we can not establish the integration as we get the "Incorrect user or password" error.


The credentials are correct for sure, so Marketo support told us the issue is probable the Single Sign On (SSO) that we use in our organization (and also for Webex) and if we enable it in Marketo, the integration should work. We did enable SSO in Marketo, but the error remains and we can not connect the servcies.


While I am waiting for the reply from support, I`d just like to check if someone can help with advice on how to solve the issue?


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