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Populating Data with Multiple Possible Values

Question asked by 01d1026ae19e3af0dd9f14e4b4e41fc88d84b9d7 on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by 01d1026ae19e3af0dd9f14e4b4e41fc88d84b9d7

We are working on tagging each of our leads with a Type of Business. However, many leads fall into more than one type of business category. What is the best way you have found of capturing complex data points in Marketo?

I've explored a few options so far but I haven't found any to be optimal:

1) Creating additional type of business fields and capturing a second, third, fourth...etc Type of Business category in its own field. However, this makes our targeting campaigns and analytics rather unwieldy and difficult to understand.

2) Adding all values into a single field. While this strategory would work for targeting campaigns using the "Type of Business contains" filter, it becomes difficult to evaluate how certain Type of Business segments are performing against others.

3) Creating a program for each type of business and adding leads to any relevant programs as members. Again, while this would help with targeting through the "Member of Program" filter, it becomes difficult to tell which Types of Business are performing better than others.

Has anyone developed a system in Marketo that could work well with the above use case?