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Create multiple CRM deals per Marketo record - dealing with multiple products

Question asked by Deirdre Scully on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi everyone, 


My company has 5 products, which presents us with some challenges when reporting on expansion business. For example, a person takes out a trial of one product - this gets synced to CRM and then goes through the sales process to a won deal. The record in Marketo and CRM will be that contact that has trialled and purchased and comes with all the information from the first deal such as lead source, product bought and revenue. That is all fine. Then the same person comes back and trials another product - what happens in this instance is the CRM record from the original deal gets a note attached and overrides some of the information on the original record. 


What we want to do is to create a new deal associated with the original contact or company in CRM. This deal would be marked as expansion and have all the relevant details related to that expansion deal such as upsell revenue and lead source. This is so we can report on customer MQLs, SQLs, won deals etc. In CRM, the company record should show the original new business deal and any expansion deals that come after that. We jus don't know how to handle this in Marketo and how could it work on the reporting side? Would appreciate any advice from people in a similar situation!