Kim Gandy

Notes from HOU MUG Oct Meeting

Discussion created by Kim Gandy on Oct 25, 2019


Thank you for joining us this week for Marketo tricks and treats, courtesy of Amanda Thomas! And thank you to the host of our favorite location in Houston, Corey Close and Love Advertising.


Don't Forget:

  1. You're doing amazing work in Marketo, so apply to be a 2020 Champion! Check out the benefits here, and work with Amanda to sharpen up your application. 
  2. Register here for Marketo/BrightTALK dinner on Thursday, November 14th from 4:30-7pm.


Session Highlights:

  1. October MUG slides available now
  2. Sanford's blog post on form pre-fill (bookmark this blog for master Marketo hacks)
  3. Durable unsubscribe can help free up database space for marketable leads, and remembers the unsubscribe value if the lead is ever added back to database. 
    1. Remember, this only works if the data value changed 24+ hours ago.
  4. Step-by-step slides for Deliverability Tools and bounce reporting to clean up your instance. 
  5. Possible solutions to push blog content to email asset
    1. FeedOtter
    2. Amanda's RSS webhook
  6. Audit trail web browser bookmark, MUST-HAVE for admins! (add code below to bookmarks)
    1. Shows ALL TIME smart list and smart campaign actions, include what changed and who made the change. 


javascript:void(function(){var str1 = document.location.href.split("#SC")[0].concat("smartCampaignHistory/showHistory?id=");var%20campurl=str1.concat(document.location.href.split("#SC")[1].substring(0,document.location.href.split("#SC")[1].length-2));})()