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Import List into Marketo Campaign, Sync to SFDC, Apex CPU time limit exceeded

Question asked by Ed Dunn on Oct 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2019 by Jay Jiang

is there a way for Marketo support to change MKTO to SFDC sync to use 100 per API call rather than 200 records per API call? This would get around the Apex CPU time limit exceeded and System.LimitException: errors


We've already did a lot of tuning on SFDC workflows, process builder, 3rd party apps, Apex, etc. 


The SFDC governor limit is 10 seconds for a transaction


If Marketo Sync uses the default 200 records per API call which is basically 200 records per transaction, then that's 200 records / 10 seconds which is 0.05 seconds per record.  With the amount of workflow, process builder, 3rd party apps, apex code in our environment, we run into this APEX CPU time limit exceeded error due to the governor limit


We can get around this if we use SFDC data loader as it allows us to control the batch size and reduce it some number less than 200.  


However, from a marketing process standpoint, we greatly prefer to be able to import this into Marketo directly.