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Creating a Birthday Campaign with Recurring Batch

Question asked by Tamara Johnson on Oct 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by Tamara Johnson

I've found info on creating campaigns to send an email on a client's birthday. The campaign is launching correctly. However, we have more campaign members added and I did not see the list increase. The original run started @ 626 with 549 in waitstep. Once we update the DOB for clients the members should be 1,347 with others in the pending waitstep.



The Flow step is the same for both - just a different email sent.



I have 2 Trigger Campaigns since the groups need to be separated for 2 different emails:

1 group has 1,247 members, the other will be 100 members.


The trigger campaign that has 626 members worked without stacking the Data Value Changed trigger + filter - we want to make sure it is secure - so we added the filter to the logic. The remaining logic that you do not see has filters used for most campaigns and have worked in the past.


The recurring batch has 1,246 and is scheduled for every day @8am. 




The second Recurring batch has 100 members.



Yet, this is not showing for the trigger campaign



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