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How do I schedule resend after A/B splittest?

Question asked by Svend Georg Jørgensen on Oct 22, 2019


I've setup a program that contains splittest and resend.


The splittest is set up and scheduled it according to the guide: Email Test - A/B Test - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation .

I've setup a flow that goes:

1. Send "My splittest"

2. Wait 2 days

3. If Not opened email is "My splittest" then send "My mail resend".


Do I need to schedule this flow as a "Run once" as well? 

And should the schedule start date/time be the same as the one scheduled for "My splittest"? 

And do I need step 1 after all?


I'm asking as I can't see any stats for "My mail resend", and thinking that it's never been sent...