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Guided Landing pages and the bootstap

Question asked by Zagorka Martinovic on Oct 23, 2019
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I'm trying to create a guided landing page. First, I tried on my own, using Marketo syntax and the newest bootstrap form CDN. but when I went to the marketing activities and on draft, I could see all the variables but for example booleans didn't wok so I couldn't change status show/hide.


So I tried a different approach to download an existing Marketo landing page and change it, it was template 8A and once I uploaded it, I noticed that bootstrap classes weren't working, every section was just laying one below other, there weren't any columns at all.


So i assuming it has something with the bootstrap


I'm attaching my first landing page in the hope that someone could tell me what did I do wrong.


Thanks in advance, Zagorka