Stephanie Chhor

Sydney MUG Update

Discussion created by Stephanie Chhor on Oct 20, 2019

Our MUG has been selected as one of the first chapters to pilot the new platform that the MUG
program will use moving forward. We will be using this tool to help your MUG better connect
with other users, stay updated on upcoming events, and access slide decks and presentation
materials from past meetings.

Bevy, a scalable community events platform, powers the in-person communities of Atlassian,
Slack, Duolingo, Twitch, MuleSoft, and others. Through a strong Marketo integration, a branded
community hub, and powerful analytics, Bevy is here to ensure our MUG Chapter’s success.

Here is the landing page to our MUG site:

Getting Started
In order to get started, please take the following steps:

1. Visit
2. Fill in your relevant account details using your email address
3. Once you've completed this, navigate to our MUG chapter page and select “Join
4. You will receive a confirmation email outlining the terms and conditions of the site