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Qualified Lead removed from Marketo

Question asked by Dominika Wojna on Oct 18, 2019

Hi Everyone,

We are struggling with the qualification process in Dynamics. 

So far we could notice the duplicate issue which is described here Duplicate records created in Marketo after upgrading to Dynamics 365 Online v9 

However, we're experiencing another problem for some time. 

It seems that when we qualified the lead, the empty Contact is created, Marketo is removing the Lead and finally, two empty records are merged. This is very strange how it is happening. We talked both with Microsoft and Marketo support, and nobody could find the explanation. 

Below is a test record:

The result we want to achieve is to updating status from Microsoft Type = Lead to Microsoft Type = Contact.

What is surprising, this update randomly works, but in most cases, we struggle with the above issue.

Here is another test case:

The question is if this issue is on the Dynamics side or Marketo side?

Is anybody see something similar ever?