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New instance - thoughts on our testing approach?

Question asked by Lisa Forson on Oct 16, 2019
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Back again to ask the very knowledgeable Marketo community for advice!


We are in the process of setting up our Marketo instance, however we aren't going to be syncing our CRM system until next year (other big IT projects on the go). We are going to have a custom integration as we have a very specific type of CRM system which was built for us.


This year as part of our project deliverables, we are to implement two 'proof of concept' email tests to existing clients (no leads).  The purpose of this is to evidence that the platform works as intended, before we move to full roll-out next year. Both of these email journeys involve sending an email, directing to a landing page, completing a form and an email resend if the original email was not opened within a set period of time.  One of the emails will also have dynamic content based on age segmentation. If the form is completed, this will generate an email to our customer contact center to follow up with the existing client.  


Because our CRM system will not be synced for these proof of concept tests, the list of clients will need to be a manual list import.  And the only client data we will be including in our data file is name, email address and age......which will need to map to a field somehow.  These will be very small lists, perhaps around 25-50 clients.  So there will be no other data in our instance, other than these two imported lists.


We are still going through onboarding and yet to do our launch pack training sessions where I know I can ask these questions, but I've been digging around trying to get a sense of everything we need to be aware of when setting up our proof of concept tests.  And so I know which are the right questions to be asking


So I guess my question is, is there any glaringly obvious things I should be aware of in what we are doing? Anything you can see being a potential issue or roadblock?  There's always lots of chat around tokens but I haven't learnt enough about these yet to fully understand what part they play in our tests, particularly if we are uploading a manual file of clients.  


Any help or advice would be much appreciated!


Thank you,