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How to see a leads activity in a smart campaign: what program did that lead come from?

Question asked by Adrian Cardelle on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Adrian Cardelle

Hi all!

I have a trigged smart campaign (in Default Program A), set up to listen when someone fills out a particular global form that we have in one of our website pages. It is set up for registration to a future event. The flow step is currently set just to change the program status to "Live Event> Registered". 


I have then set up several separate default programs (Default program B, Default program C, etc, all unrelated events) but that include within them email batch programs that send out emails with a link to our website for the future event above so they may register if interested.  


How can I then set up a system or flow step where I can tell WHAT program someone came from, when they do sign up for the future event and added to the smart campaign in Default program A?