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    Marketo fields in SFDC Professional edition

           Hi all, 

           I am setting up Marketo on SFDC Professional.  I had a question about the Page Layouts.

           In the tutorial article: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoTutorial?id=kA250000000Kz6L  it says to put almost all of the Custom fields on the layouts.

           Interestingly, they leave out the "Acquisition" fields (Acquisition Date, Acquisition Program, Acquisition Program ID).  Should those be included?

           They include all of the "Original" fields (Original Search Engine, Search Phrase, Referrer, Source Info, Source Type)
           and all the "Inferred" fields (City, Company, Metro area, etc)

           Do I need to include all of those fields?  I'm concerned they will be confusing to my sale reps.  I previously used Marketo on SFDC Enterprise and while those fields were synched, I never exposed them to my reps, and didn't really use them in reports.  If I have to include them, could I put them in a second "hidden" section?

           Thanks in advance for your help!

           - Jocelyn