Mallory Green

Tracking Email Engagement - Bizible Best Practices

Discussion created by Mallory Green on Oct 16, 2019

Looking for some advice on how to best create Bizible touch points to track our email engagement. Previously, we would add anyone who interacted with our emails to a Salesforce campaign. This worked for the most part but left the details on the Bizible touch point blank. The problem was we weren't taking folks to a landing page, we were just giving them ungated content, which was also problematic due to instaclicks. 


We recently created landing pages in Word Press, created UTMs, which I think are correct in Bizible, but we aren't picking up touch points when someone lands on the Thank You page. I imagine this is because Bizible hasn't cookied them yet. 


I just wanted to gauge the group and see how you all are handling email engagement. Finally, we want to create a touch point if someone clicks on the CTA to view the content since we can't put a tracking code on the PDF itself.