Paul Pham

D365 Sync with Custom Entities

Discussion created by Paul Pham on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Dhanikh Palassery


I have enabled D365 sync for the main entities and custom entities, selecting all the fields required via Dynamics Entities Sync. Basic the sync is successful and Marketo Rows shows all the number of rows synced successfully. I have done this for a number of custom entities as well as applying constraint and trigger to the required fields.There are green ticks next to all the entities and fields I have chosen to sync.


When I go into Smart List and apply filter, I can see the option "Has 'Custom Entity'" and I have set it to True to return people that has the custom entities attached.


The problem is that I cannot filter or return fields from the custom entity using the Smart List. The custom entities does not appear in the filters tree view on the left. Only filters for Person and Company and a few other unrelated ones.


I'm not sure whether this has to do with my subscription or am I missing something.


Any help is appreciated.