Caroline Brown

No MUG Meeting This Month

Discussion created by Caroline Brown on Oct 11, 2019

Hey, guys.  Unfortunately we're going to have to skip our MUG meeting this month.  I'm so sorry - work's been pretty crazy and I just couldn't get everything planned/promoted in time.


Due to the holidays, we will not be meeting in December.  So we want EVERYONE to attend our meeting in November!  Rich and I still need to hammer out the details, but we'll let you know as soon as we decide on the date and location.


As a reminder, earlier this week Rich announced that we're going to be switching things up a bit.  It was proposed that we spend the first hour of our meetings going through our housekeeping slides and talking through a specific topic with visibility into someone's live instance.  (I love seeing hows other companies do things, so I'm really pumped about this!)  The second half of the meeting will consist of our usual round robin celebration of cool things we've executed or open questions for the group to address. To make this new format work, we need you guys to recommend topics for people to present on...and to volunteer to present!  Please reach out to Rich or I if you have any questions, recommendations, or would like to present.  See you in November!