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Can we create a "master" filter that groups subfilters?

Question asked by Nerea Eguia on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Nerea Eguia

Hello community!!


We have a project casuistry that we would like to discuss:


On the Smart List, we want to filter through the clients that have not acquired a certain product in order to impact them.


Our actual catalogue has over 8,500 products and as we are aware of how ardous it would be to create 8,500 fields related to each product, we though on:


Creating around 50 to 100 fields per client that would be filled with the products that each client has (we reckon that a client acquires maximum 50 to 100 products). 


However, each time we create a smart list we want to avoid creating 50-100 filters through which we would "ask for" clients that haven't acquired a certain product. 


That's why our question is if there is any way of creating a "master" filter in which we could ask just once for those clients who haven't acquired a certain product and then this filter could check the info with the 50-100 "subfilters". 


Eventually the question is: is there any main filter that can gather subfilters?