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Common Weekly Report / Smart List Subscriptions

Question asked by Marshall Scott on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by Marshall Scott

I have a few different automated Weekly Analytics Reports and Smart List Subscriptions that I am using to provide my team and leadership with valuable information on trends and to notify sales of leads that might slip through the cracks. I am wondering what subscriptions or automated reports others are using. Some examples of reports I have created include:


  • Top 20 Web Activity engagers - Sales
  • MQLs that are older than X days and haven't converted - Sales manager
  • MELs that are near the threshold to MQL each week - Sales manager
  • Landing page conversion report - Lead Gen
  • Customers and Leads with a New Point of Interest - Sales manager (rep gets alert on each)
  • Success Path Analyzer 
  • and a few others


I feel like there is likely more that could have value (without overloading inboxes and causing them to review none). We have our normal monthly reporting and other methods of analyzing and sharing numbers of course and I don't want to cause more work - but I feel like this is a good conversation to share here. 


Thanks in advance to anyone who shares.