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Web personalization edition and preview

Question asked by Nerea Eguia on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by Nerea Eguia

Hello community! 


We are working on creating a web personalization campaign. 


We are using the templates that Marketo is offering us to do so. However I have a couple of doubts on the edition:



+ When I try to change the modal color, or the header color or the content background color, I get no result. Why is this so? If I would like to change for instance the grey background for a green one would I need to do it via HTML? 


+ After making a few changes, I want to preview the result, I have downloaded the chrome extension but I get no result when clicking the "preview" button. Do I need to take more steps?


I have taken a look at this link in the documentation: Preview and Test a Web Campaign - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation 


and I would like to understand how is the "Preview Web Campaign on Your Website" different than others. I need to insert this web campaign in an external website that is not created vía Marketo. Is this the option that I have to choose? 


Thank you so much!