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API vendors for list imports?

Question asked by Stephany Chang on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2019 by Jay Jiang

Hi! What are some vendors that can automatically sync list imports into Marketo? 


Our company loads 2 types of events: Tradeshows and Roadshows. After the event is over, I am given the lists to import. These list imports take quite a bit of manual work to clean/scrub so I was hoping to find a tool/vendor that can automatically sync Registrants, Attendees, No Shows, Engaged, etc. into Marketo. Ideally, it can implement custom logic for the list imports (For ex: Key words from our Inquiry Details can be used to mark a lead as Engaged and sync them over to Marketo), standardizes data (For ex: standardize country to its corresponding country code (United States > US)), etc.


For one of our major events, we used Aventri to sync Registrants into Marketo. If Aventri can work for post-event list imports and not just registrants -- attendees, no shows, engaged, etc. that would be great. 


Thank you in advance.