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Infer City, State and Country coming up as unknown.

Question asked by Callum Pirie on Oct 8, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by lorie witmer

Hi there,


We are having more and more leads coming up as 'Unknown' for inferred city, state and country.


I believe Marketo has moved to a new 3rd party provider regarding inferred country however we are finding more sales reps not being able to use their time effectively to actually target customers due to timezones.


While I understand that inferred city is marketo's best guess at the users location we are finding this has happened more and more this month. For example I created a smart list for all the Inferred City populating as ‘Unknown’ for this month which is currently at 397 leads - Last month there were only 12 leads not populating correctly and the full year was 464 so 84.5% of the Inferred data not populating has happened this month.


Any help would be massive.