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Dynamic links custom objects breaking

Question asked by Harry Rashid on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman



Links are breaking when trying to pull from custom object, the code is within a FOR LOOP - for testing purposes I have reduced the code. Anyone have any ideas why the links are breaking?


Working URL outside FOR/IF LOOP, pulling link from custom object(DynamicCustomObjectList) : ${DynamicCustomObjectList.get(1).URL_1}


Links not working when inside FOR loop:


#foreach( $co_record in $DynamicCustomObjectList)
   <a href="https://${co_record.URL_1}">CLICK ME</a>
   <a href="${co_record.URL_1}">CLICK ME TO</a>
   <a href="https://$co_record.URL_1">CLICK ME AGAIN</a>



Output link break: https://%24%7Bco_record.url_1%7D/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTkRoak5qTTNNREl6WVRaaSIsInQiOiJDVVwvZmlrSWpzUEgrdjlYV2VvMENHME5PZG0xcThHQVd3TEp4Y3l4WEJERXUrMlwvTUQ0TjdqNGE1WTNGa1RPUUgwbDh2VFlKeWc5dTdRMEM3YXRPZFd2VlVyUGlPSE4zc25WRCtiQThjWHg4b1FzcFB0b2VRUStsMjVwZVBlTGVvIn0%3D


The code is in an email script token, which then is added to a snippet and from that called into an email.