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Does Marketo Sync register as a "Batch" process in SFDC Apex?

Question asked by Andrew Sielen on Oct 2, 2019

Curious about the implementation of the Marketo Sync. We have some triggers in SFDC on leads and contacts that we don't want to run on schedule batch cleanup jobs but we do want to run on regular Marketo Syncs.


There are 3 main types of sync if I understand correctly:

- Normal on update sync (every 5 minutes)

- One off force syncs

- Batch syncs on Campaign Member

(Am I missing anything?)


There are a couple types of Marketo syncs so I am curious for each type, would they register with system.isBatch() in APEX? Are some of them scheduled? Would it register as system.isScheduled()?


Ideally I can find some sort of logic in Apex to include Marketo syncs but exclude scheduled batch apex.