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Personalized content not working

Question asked by Franky Ruysschaert on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Previously, we have imported thousands of contacts from another marketing automation platform. Only a small part of them has a Marketo cookie.


Today, we have generated personalized content which is stored in 10 custom fields in a contacts profile ( 5 URL’s and 5 'Link' text fields ), not all fields are used for everybody.

Based on those fields we create a bullet list which can have up to 5 items ( all links, consisting out of a text link and the link itself )

The personalized content is used in an email (the links - if any - and text are correct, meaning the correct information from the contacts profile ). The same content is displayed on a landing page which is also personalized based on those 10 fields. So on the landing page the 5 links are visualized.


The problem,

On first time visit for a part of the contacts ( for which we think that they do not have the cookie ) , the landing page content is empty, only on a second attempt ( clicking a link from the mail ) the content is displayed. We should expect that the anonymous lead is converted to a known lead because he clicked on the link in the email. So why are contacts imported from our other automation platform not converted to a known lead? Is there a delay ? 


How should we solve this problem?