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Can Velocity cache custom objects?

Question asked by Mark Price on Sep 26, 2019
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I have an issue and am going back and forth with Marketo Support they are saying the issue is with a Velocity Script, but I do not see how that is possible.   


Has anyone had an issue with custom objects cacheing / still showing up after being removed from SFDC ? 


Simplified script I made for testing: 

#foreach( $Automated_Fee_Reimbursement__c in $Automated_Fee_Reimbursement__cList )


Record #1 output: (expected)
{Address_Change_Expiration_Date__c=2019-09-26, Amount__c=337.63, City__c=Saint Joseph, State__c=MI, Street_Address__c=1004 Record 1 Streetname Apt #4, Zip_Code__c=49085}


Record #2 output: (has an additional object with null city and truncated street value and default date of 2099-09-24) 

{Address_Change_Expiration_Date__c=2019-09-27, Amount__c=62.85, City__c=Baldwin, State__c=MD, Street_Address__c=19 Record 2 Streetname, Zip_Code__c=21013}


{Address_Change_Expiration_Date__c=2099-09-24, Amount__c=62.85, City__c=null, State__c=MD, Street_Address__c=19, Zip_Code__c=21013}


^ When going into SalesForce there is only 1 custom object showing for the record in question with city and street address as expected. 


The SalesForce team did say there was a botched import they rolled back and re-imported where city was null but the admin does not see those objects in the system anymore. 


 I've tried refreshing the schema in Marketo to no avail.  After a week of going back and forth with support they are blaming the script and "don't support velocity so can't help".   


For now, I made a filter in the live Velocity to only pull in objects that have a city set but don't want to maintain a filter in future scripts to deal with an erroneous object. 


Any ideas?