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Increase drip email efficiency

Question asked by Steve Maslowsky on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by Richard Spurr

Many of the firms we sell to have strict settings in place to block mass emails, so to improve our likelihood of reaching the inbox, we'd like to drip our marketing emails to groups of 10-15 recipients. 


My full list is around 2500 prospects, so this strategy will require approximately 200-250 email sends. 


My current proposed approach is to create a smart campaign that will use the random sample feature to trigger leads to be added from a list to an engagement program stream, where they'll receive the drip email. I'd set that smart campaign to recur daily. 


Does anyone have experience with something similar, and have any recommendations for how to more efficiently accomplish something like this? Is there a way to set up an email to drip out to a random sampling several times per day? 


My current proposal will either take months to send a single email, or require me to have numerous engagement programs operating simultaneously.