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Being Creative with RTP Perceived Organization

Question asked by Patrick Dooley on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

I realized the RTP inferred organization was not accessible as a lead attribute or under marketing activity data. It's only available in RTP. It's very usable data and I wanted to bridge that gap and make it available as a field.


This led me to use experiment by

  1. Using the RTP function to acquire the inferred Org
    rtp('userContextReady', function() { var inferOrg  =; }
  2. Using the Munchkin API to push the Organization as visitWebPage with the prefix "/LPO/" 
     - shows up in lead activity like this : OF THE COMPANY HERE 
    if(Munchkin){ Munchkin.munchkinFunction('visitWebPage', { 'url': "/LPO/"+ORGANIZATION}); }
  3. I setup a new custom field for "Last Perceived Organization"
  4. Next I have a Smart Campaign
     - The smart list is setup to trigger for visitsWebPage containing "/LPO/"
     - The flow then updates the value of a custom field I setup, named "Last Perceived Organization", to the value the   trigger token for {{trigger.web page}}.
     - I don't know why clickedLink is excluded from these trigger tokens?!?! I would've preferred to use that...


This is working and as mentioned in the above example this results in a value like this: OF THE COMPANY HERE 


This is where I need help from you. Is anyone aware of a method through smart campaigns/calculated fields/witchcraft to run a replace like function on a field without using the API or Export>Import process?



For my javascript people this is what I'm looking for at a field level: 

    var x = " OF THE COMPANY HERE";

    var org = x.replace("","");

     // org now equals "NAME OF THE COMPANY HERE"


Appreciate any thoughts/feedback