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Has anyone successfully pushed membership details into Marketo with the "Push Lead" endpoint (REST API)?

Question asked by Demand Gen on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

We're performing an instance-to-instance migration and at the point where we're migrating Program Membership details.  However, the Push Lead endpoint is not accepting the membership details.  If I remove the membership details, the lead is added to the Program just fine, but the required details are not represented in Marketo of course.


Per the API documentation(!/Leads/pushToMarketoUsingP… ), the details I want in Marketo are to be provided under a "membership" key/section of the input.  However, when I provide this info, I receive the following error:

{"status": "skipped", "reasons": [{"code": "1006", "message": "Field 'membership' not found"}]}

These are the input details that are failing (formatted with hard returns for easier reading in this text box):

{'id': 2194844, 
'membership': {'progressionStatus': 'Downloaded', 'isExhausted': False, 'acquiredBy': False,
               'reachedSuccess': True, 'membershipDate': '2017-08-02T11:18:48Z'}}


Simplifying the payload to the data below works just fine, but it's a just a partial solution:

{'id': 2194844}

Anyone have any tips or tricks to get the endpoint to recognize the membership data?


Many thanks in advance!