Sean Richards

Re-MQL Solution (Counter or Lifecycle Stage)?

Discussion created by Sean Richards on Sep 18, 2019

Due to our B2B sales lifecycle, we people (or schools in our case) will travel through the sales funnel (SAL->MQL->SQL) and then we might lose that Oppty and need to recycle the people/account. 


I've seen a couple of different approaches to modeling this in Marketo. 

My MQL Hack 

The first is a process of allowing the person to re-MQL and incrementing a score counter to track this.


The other was suggested to me by Paul Wilson that we have a lifecycle stage called RE-QL (re-MQL). 


I am wondering what people think about the pros and cons of both approaches. Our thoughts were that having an extra lifecycle stage is not that beneficial, but we do need a way to track first time MQLs from Re-QLs, so the counter would achieve this.


Any input on this design would be appreciated? Edward Unthank (ETU), Justin Norris keen to know your thoughts on this too? How would you typically design the lifecycle for people to re-mql in a b2b lifecycle design?


I'm leaning toward keeping the Account Type  we currently use to indicate the account stage as "Prospect Re-engage", which is a recycled state and on people who were connected to the oppty, move them to Recycled in our lifecycle model. I think this is pretty obvious, but I'm most interested in the re-qualification?


Thank in advance.