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With the REST API, is it possible to push a lead to Email (blast program:EBP) folder including Program Membership details?

Question asked by Demand Gen on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by Demand Gen

We're migrating off of one Marketo instance to another and aside from leads, cookie association, programs and email (blast programs) we also want to bring over the membership details for Programs and the Email folders underneath the Programs.  However, per the Marketo API documentation, it seems that we can only push Leads (and their membership details) to the Program level by referencing the Program by name (rather than by ID).!/Leads/pushToMarketoUsingP… 


One can make the assumption that we can push leads to the Email(EBP) folders by referencing their names, however, there is nothing in the Marketo UI that prevents us from duplicating names at this level...thus, we have no way to accurately reference an EBP folder when a name is duplicated.