Jared Eliason

Endpoint or GET workaround for 30k+ list or program status? (using Klipfolio)

Discussion created by Jared Eliason on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by Pierce Ujjainwalla

We are using Klipfolio for Marketo reporting and so far I have used /rest/v1/list/0000/leads.json
and /rest/v1/leads/programs/0000.json to create datasources.


But one limitation is "you will only be able to pull in static lists that contain less than 30,000 leads". Therefore, to take email as example, I can neither pull a static list or pull by program status for Sent and Delivered for large email sends. 


Is there an endpoint or workaround I can use to pull the integer of the # of members for both a static list and a program?


So let's say we have a static list with 10,000 people. I don't want to pull in 10,000 records with the data source but rather simply GET the *size* (member count) of said list; so that the data source will return the integer 10,000, not 10,000 results. 


p.s. Anyone out there had success doing MKTO reporting through Klipfolio? Any insights, challenges overcome, best practices you have?