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Pulling Field from One Form to Another

Question asked by Samantha Cossum on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by Samantha Cossum

I am working on a semi-complicated application for our business and have gotten stuck and hoping the Nation can help! 


The desire is to have applicants fill out part one of the form and then when they submit it, it calculates their current collections. I have this part working and the math is firing correctly. 


The part I'm struggling with is on the next section, they are supposed to fill out a target but some of the info needed they just filled out on the page before so I don't want to ask it to them again but I don't know how to get the form to do the calculations if the data isn't in the form. 


Here is the first form: 

Here is the second form: 


There's examples on the pages of the math we are trying to do so hopefully that will help if my explanation was unclear. 


The only idea I've had is if I could store the values from the first form in a cookie and then have hidden fields that are populated by the cookie but I couldn't work on how to pull information into a cookie on a form fill. 


Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!