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What permissions are required for LinkedIn lead gen forms integration?

Question asked by Hayley Iacocca on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by AnneMarie Covelli

We just added LinkedIn as a LaunchPoint service, and after following all the steps it seems to have integrated properly.


The "fills out lead gen form" trigger is now appearing in our instance, but there's no forms populating. I understand this is normal, as our first campaign isn't going live until next week, so no one has filled out any forms yet. 


I just want to confirm I have the correct permissions to make sure it will work on Monday once the forms are live. In the instructions provided by LinkedIn it says that I must have the following permissions:

1) At the Company page level: Company Page Admin OR Lead Gen Form Manager
2) At the Advertising account level: Account Manager OR Campaign Manager


I have been made both a Lead Gen Form Manager (company page level) and an Account Manager (advertising account level), but the Support team said I need all four types of permission listed above.


Can anyone that is successfully using LinkedIn lead gen forms in Marketo confirm what type of permission they have?