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WebEx Custom URL

Question asked by Enget Dang on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by Enget Dang
I currently have a Marketo program synced up with my WebEx event. The only issue is the custom url for attendees. So we send out an email, the recipient clicks on the link and gets taken to a landing page to register for the webinar. Within a minute or so the recipient will receive an email with the webinar details to attend the event with a url created for them from WebEx from their registration.

The problem, if the recipient clicks on the custom WebEx url before the event it will take them back to the registration page, making it seem as if they never registered.

Does anyone know how to have it so the recipient gets sent to a page saying the event has not started yet? GoToMeeting typically has a default page, but we switched to WebEx and I'm not seeing a setting in WebEx to fix this issue or in Marketo if it's the issue.

Here is the token I am using in my event detail email with the custom url {{member.webinar url}}.