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Existing Marketo Database and SFDC - About To Integrate

Question asked by 02ef03062fe565650de9c553421bff4cdc141f14 on Jul 17, 2014
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We are about to integrate our Marketo Instance with Salesfroce. As of today, we have two databases of contacts where we have been manually uploading and or downloading from one to the other. 

Upon sync - what can i expect to happen? Will Marketo dedupe by email the leads coming in from SFDC and populate the newly mapped fields? Trying to avoid duplicate contacts. 

Also, we initially don't want ANY data being pushed into SFDC from Marketo. We have no current workflows built using any SFDC call implicit or explicit. Will this stand true or will Marketo communicate with matched leads and create a synced lead?

Been reading up on this, but looking for some clarification. 

Thank you!