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Using lead form values to dictate form field visibility rules

Question asked by Jimmy Forde on Sep 16, 2019
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I am trying to make a form field visible only if there is a null value for another field in our instance. I have tried to implement using this thread: Form field conditional on current vlaue. However when I test it doesn't seem to work, the form value that I am trying to hide/show ( IS Agency) keeps showing no matter what. 


The form I am trying to do this for has Is agency as the field with visibility rules, based on a hidden field that is "IsAgencyDynamic". Prefill is enabled for both fields, and Is Agency has the below visibility rules. I have implemented this JS and form on this landing page.  Can you help me identify why this is not working? Thanks!





Code I am using: 

IsAgencyDynamic : form.getValues().IsAgency