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Person is a member of smart campaign but is not being pushed into flow

Question asked by Jeremy Gendelman on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by Jeremy Gendelman

Hi all,


I setup a new smart campaign (only filters, no triggers) and attempted to test by adding a couple specific email address as one of the filters (#7). I see that a test email address IS being brought in as a "member" of the campaign *** it should, but it is not being pushed into the flow and there is no email activity in the campaign.


I looked at all the initial things I found as potential issues: unsubbed, blocked from marketing, blacklisted, communication limits, been through the flow before, etc., and couldn't find anything that should disqualify this email from going into the flow.


In the run history, I do see that 1 person "qualified" on Sept. 13, but not sure what that means in relation to going into the flow.


Can anyone help? Screenshots of the smart list, flow, campaign "status" tab showing 1 member, and run history below.