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How to generate a report for custom "link clicked" activity, preferably with every link clicked, and lead email who clicked it

Question asked by Akhilesh Singh on Sep 12, 2019

How to generate a simple report for custom activities?

If there is no built in reporting option to list custom activities, then how can i get list of all custom activities in given date range and (with at least one filter for activity field), along with their lead details or lead email at least?



The built in activity is not sufficient for me hence i am going to create a custom activity lets call CA1 for clicked link activities.

When ever users clicks on certain type of links in my page, i would be posting a new custom activity record as CA1 type activity along with link clicked and other custom details.


My Need

I need to later pull list of all the CA1 type activities i have posted via rest api and generate report.

Report will have all such link text and lead's email against each link.

I would prefer to use built in Reporting options in marketo, but if not possible then ok to pull data via some kind of bulk extract api.


Sub query:

Will  help in pulling list of all CA1 records for my case?