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How to create report for list of users who clicked a specific link

Question asked by Akhilesh Singh on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by Josh Pickles

In my production customer facing application, each link is captured under user's activity tab.

Now I have to create a report in marketo for my sales team where in:

  1. They shall be able to see/get list of all unique link which had been clicked/downloaded(all are anchors to download something) by any user in last one month(duration can be set in report i am aware of that)
  2. Against each link/url, there shall be list of all users(email id is must to have, but good to have other details like name and number from led details) who clicked that.
  3. Should be able to capture only those activities which shall:

either contain certain text(this i can see is available in report setup under smart list), 

or are of a custom activity type


Please share any idea on how to setup report like that or any other approach if there is no way to create such report to group activities by link and have all users info who all went through same link.

Like anything way to achieve same with rest api calls or something but preferred is to have report created so that we need not involve a developer for same.