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How to add people to an engagement program from an email program

Question asked by Sophia Sellars on Sep 6, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2019 by Grace Brebner

I wanted to test using an engagement program, but wanted to start small. We sent an email to a large number of leads, and had an engagement program set up so different link clicks put you in different streams within the engagement program. The problem is, when you set up the streams in the engagement program, the smart list for the transition requirements forces the person to already be a member of the engagement program. 


I know I can go back now that the email has sent and pull a smart list of clicked link in email and send these people to each stream of the engagement program, but I was trying to avoid manually doing this and thought it would work through the transitions rules trigger within the program. 


The question is: How do you add members to an engagement program from the start?