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LinkedIn UTM parameters not passing through

Question asked by Troy Larson on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by Troy Larson

Hey All - 


Was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue. We have a LinkedIn campaign running the UTM parameters in the destination URL. The landing page is a WordPress page with Munchkin code on it, so in theory I should be able to see the "known" people in a smart list. 


However, when I look them up in Marketo --  using the filter: visited web page with the parameters in the query string I see no results. 


I know that people are clicking my LinkedIn sponsored content -- I see clicks on the LinkedIn dash. 


Was wondering if anyone else had a similar issue and if so how you guys were able to get it to work? Have had go rounds with Marketo support where it works fine for them so they're not able to replicate the bug. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!