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Forms in email - clicked link tracking?

Question asked by Phillip Wild on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Phillip Wild

Hi everyone


I've been playing around with a form in email (hat tip to this great Email on Acid blog post!)


Here's the code:


<td align="left"><form method="get" action="">
<input type="text" name="q" placeholder="Where to next?" style="background-color: #eeeeee; border: 0; font-size: 16px; line-height: 22px; padding-left: 4px; color: #2d2d2d; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"/>
<input type="submit" id="search" value="search" style="display:none;"/>

<td align="right" style="padding: 0 10px;"><label for="search" style="cursor: pointer;"><img src="" alt="Search" width="39" height="39" style="display:block;"></label></td>


Would a click or press of "enter" to search in the email result in a Marketo Clicks Link in Email action? Doesn't look like it does. That makes it tough to evaluate success, although I guess we could just do it via Google do lose all the Munchkin tracking though, which is great for lead scoring.


Any ideas?