Frank Geldof

Revert changed Dynamic Content segmented element to Default

Discussion created by Frank Geldof on Sep 4, 2019

What would be the best way to revert a changed module back to default?


Example - I have a segment based on Country. In an asset, I have an element I  have set to Dynamic Content. I have already changed 8 countries and I have changed the content for "United States" but it will be exactly the same as the Default value so I want to revert back to Default.


In my experience, there are two options:


Option 1 - Leave as is.

When I update Default I also need to remember to update the US segment.


Option 2 -  Reset the Element to Static and enable Dynamic Content again.

If this is done it means I would need to redo all segmented elements again. A lot of effort.



Is there another way to revert a wrongly changed field back to default?