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Revert changed Dynamic Content segmented element to Default

Discussion created by Frank Geldof on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by Josh Hill

What would be the best way to revert a changed module back to default?


Example - I have a segment based on Country. In an asset, I have an element I  have set to Dynamic Content. I have already changed 8 countries and I have changed the content for "United States" but it will be exactly the same as the Default value so I want to revert back to Default.


In my experience, there are two options:


Option 1 - Leave as is.

When I update Default I also need to remember to update the US segment.


Option 2 -  Reset the Element to Static and enable Dynamic Content again.

If this is done it means I would need to redo all segmented elements again. A lot of effort.



Is there another way to revert a wrongly changed field back to default?