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How to stop GoToWebinar campaigns syncing to more than one Marketo program simultaneously.

Question asked by Yasmin-Lee Collins on Sep 4, 2019

Hi Community,


We recently setup an event program in Marketo and synced this to a GoToWebinar campaign. However, when I was cloning out our Master webinar program template I noticed that someone had accidentally synced the GoToWebinar to this program too, which meant a single webinar campaign in GTW was synced to two Marketo programs simultaneously - which I didn't think was possible.


This did have quite a knock-on effect as all attendees were synced into both programs after the webinar had taken place, and messed with a few scoring campaigns we have in place.


My question is: Has anyone come across this before? Is there a trigger campaign that could be setup to alert us if this ever happens again and is there anything we could put in place to ensure only ONE GTW campaign can be synced to one Marketo program at any one time.


Any help is welcomed!