Justin Cook

Google Analytics-Marketo Lead Attribution

Discussion created by Justin Cook on Aug 30, 2019

Our team is having trouble capturing the accurate person source for leads before they are pushed into Salesforce. We are currently using Bizible to piece all of this information together after the fact, but that means lead source in Salesforce is wrong and we have to manually update those leads. We we’re hoping to solve this issue by pushing our Google Analytics data into Marketo but so far, it’s been a nightmare as I’ve not seen a clear answer (or script) of how to accomplish this.


We are using UTMs for our paid ads but since Marketo doesn’t automatically store this information, it’s basically been useless outside of Google Analytics.


Here is what we want to do:

  1. Properly attribute Lead Source to Person Source in Marketo before the information is pushed into Salesforce, preferably pulling that information from Google Analytics
  2. Capture and push UTM parameters (when present) into Marketo