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Setting up Twilio and Marketo webhook

Question asked by Social Garden on Aug 30, 2019
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Hi there 


Sorry I am having issues setting up Twilio and the Marketo webhook.


Should the URL of the webhook be...


  • https://[ACCOUNT_SID]:[AUTH_TOKEN][ACCOUNT_SID] /SMS/Messages.xml


  • https://[ACCOUNT_SID]:[AUTH_TOKEN][ACCOUNT_SID] /Messages.json


Should the "Response format" be...

  • XML 
  • JSON


I am using details from the post that was written in 2015 see below, (see link below) although its is not working.  
The From number starts with my country number for Australia it is +61.


Sorry can you pls advise what I have done incorrectly in the webhook? I cant get it to send an SMS.


I have included a screen grab of the information I have placed into the webhook, if anyone can shed some advice that would be much appreciated.


Thank you so much  


Sending an SMS using Twilio 


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