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Best approach for a 'comments/question' form field?

Question asked by Charles Sanderson on Aug 27, 2019
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We  have a Marketo contact form embedded on our website. As we go through site redesign, we want to add a multi-line text field for the user to include comments/questions/ etc.... just like any normal contact form would have, not just a Call-to-action form.


I was about to set this up, but a small issue occurred to me: that information goes into a field for the potential lead. If the user fills out the form again--or another form containing the same field--they'd overwrite the field's previous contents and we'd lose what they said/asked. 


Is there a way around this? A way to store the old entries? I don't want to just append them, because it could become a long unwieldy mess. I can't just dump it into Salesforce, because we might have to remove the info as soon as it's added. Maybe the user isn't a lead, or maybe they've made a GDPR selection that means we have to un-track them and delete all info.


I may be overthinking this, but wanted to get some thoughts and/or best practices for this, when using a Marketo form with a general text field.


Or are we forced to maybe use a regular form and not Marketo? I'd like to keep all forms as Marketo at this time.